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Creating an account enables access to certain functionalities, particularly the downloading of content and data from this site. To ensure appropriate usage of the data, access to these functionalities is subject to compliance with the terms and conditions described below.

Intellectual Property

CRISP, as the owner of the data and its presentation on this website, is the explicit owner of the copyright and specific rights related to databases. These intellectual property rights apply to the databases, texts, photos, formatting, lay-out, slogans, illustrations and other elements featuring on the CRISP websites.

Visitors cannot use freely the information obtained directly from this website for commercial purposes. This information can, however, be shared or reproduced, on condition that the integrity and accuracy of the information is respected, that the source is attributed to CRISP and that the names of the authors are quoted where appropriate.

We allow the creation, without prior demand, of surface linking which refers back to the website home page or any other page in its entirety. However, resorting to any technique such as framing or inlining which aim to include all or part of this website in another one and mask, even if only partially, the exact origin of the information or might lead to confusion regarding the origin, require written authorisation. Any such demand must be addressed to CRISP.


CRISP respects the law of 8 December 1992 relating to the protection of privacy when processing personal data.

Information of a personal nature collected via online forms will, on no account, be used for commercial purposes, nor transferred or passed on to other organisations or institutions.

The servers register automatically the data which the visitor’s browser sends each time the latter consults a CRISP website. These logs can contain the following information: the date and time of the visit, the visitor’s IP address, the type of browser used by the visitor, the navigation language and the browser’s screen size, as well as several cookies which enable the browser to be identified. This information is not connected to personal data collected elsewhere; it will only be used to compile statistics on website visits. The purpose of these statistics is to evaluate and improve the CRISP websites.

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